Planning for change and prosperity in our Frankston City industrial estates

Frankston City’s Industrial Strategy discussion paper is out for comment and we want to hear from you.

Council is seeking input from businesses, landowners, investors and residents on its Industrial Strategy discussion paper. 

“To reinforce Frankston City’s role as a major centre for commerce and industry in the southern metropolitan area, and to ensure our industrial precincts reach their full potential and remain commercially competitive in a changing world, we need to update our industrial strategy,” Frankston City Mayor Nathan Conroy said.

“This long term 20-year plan will guide Council planning policy guidance for the use and development of the industrial precincts within our city. 

“From our earliest days supporting local fishing industries through to our current role in complex manufacturing, wholesaling and services, Frankston City has seen continual change. 

“If we are to remain commercially attractive we must explore new and creative ways to manage industrial land to secure local employment growth and support a sustainable economy.  

“We’ve all seen how pandemics, climate change and supply chain disruption can tip old paradigms on their head. We need to embrace new ways of doing business including new energy systems, the circular economy and the digitisation of the economy.  

“All of these factors present transformative opportunities and we need to ensure our future industrial strategy fosters innovative approaches to doing business right here in Frankston City,” explained the Mayor. 

The discussion paper explores future land use, future industry and place making initiatives for Frankston City’s industrial precincts. 

Consultation is now open online at and Council will also be hosting dedicated briefings for industry and business.

Following this round of consultation, a draft industrial strategy will be developed for further public comment before the final strategy is adopted with a planning scheme amendment to follow. 

Consultation closes Tuesday 23 August 2022.