Frankston cafe keeping environmentally cool

Love Gretel is among one of many Frankston City businesses doing their bit for the environment and saving money at the same time.  

Shannon Nealon

The Frankston East café is now reducing greenhouse gas emissions and running costs since upgrading to a more energy-efficient display fridge as part of the Small Business Energy Saver Program.

The program provides small businesses with a significant discount which may cover up to 95% of the full equipment and installation cost.

Frankston City Council supported the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) to deliver the program to industries hardest hit by the pandemic such as beauty, retail, tourism, manufacturing and hospitality.

There was 125 Frankston City business engagements made during the program with more than 40 signing up and eight businesses already undergoing equipment installations through the program.

Delivered by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government the program is supported by SECCCA and Frankston City Council providing financial incentives for businesses across the city to upgrade energy inefficient equipment and appliances.

Love Gretel and Settle Gretel owner Shannon Nealon said it was a welcome saving.

“Opening hospitality venues can be quite expensive, so keeping the old vintage fridges and freezers that come with the business is usually the go to, cheapest option for small business owners,” Shannon said.

Participating in this program enabled us to upgrade our storage capacity at the Love Gretel venue and has saved us money on running costs and potential maintenance issues.

This has been a welcome saving for us after the past two years of difficult operating for the hospitality industry.”

SECCCA Acting Chief Executive Officer Daniel Pleiter said it was a win-win for participants in the program.

“We’re really pleased with the outcome, its critical for business to play a part in solving the climate crisis and these businesses are leading the way and bouncing back after COVID by reducing their energy bills.”

“Slashing energy bills is good for the environment by cutting carbon emissions and good for businesses bottom line.”

A range of equipment upgrades were available as part of the program including replacing inefficient electric hot water systems, replacing inefficient gas hot water systems, efficient room reverse cycle air-conditioner upgrades, energy-efficient refrigerator display cabinet, and energy-efficient fridges and freezer installations plus more energy efficient cool rooms.

Small businesses could access up to $2000 for upgrades to equipment such as Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RDCs), fridges and freezers, hot water pumps, air conditioning and spray valves.

The program has been has been nominated for the ‘National Energy Efficiency Awards 2022 with 3,914 small businesses receiving an upgrade so far – the majority within the metro Melbourne area.