Cash up for grabs to fill vacant shops

Some of Frankston’s vacant shopfronts are about to get an artistic makeover!

The Vacant Shopfront Activation campaign #repaintfrankston will involve local artists creating murals on windows and walls of vacant shops in Frankston’s CBD to help activate our shopfronts and entice new businesses to occupy the spaces. 

Mural artist Sheldon from Sota Murals is currently creating a design for 480 Nepean Highway while local artist Emma Anna is creating flower mandala vinyl applications.

Artist Sara Catena is designing an interactive artwork for Clyde Street Mall and R & D signage will be providing projectors to help advertise our fantastic grant program in some key sites in Station Mall and Nepean Highway. 

Throughout June and July expect to see live street artist installations, lighting effects, visions of what could be and more.

The artwork is to compliment Frankston City Council’s and the Victorian Government’s new grant program specifically designed to attract new businesses to vacant shopfronts across the city.

The Vacant Shopfront Activation Grant offers up to $20,000 to businesses keen to revitalise a vacant shop in Frankston. The aim is transform properties into confident, sustainable and attractive spaces that create new business for Frankston City and surrounding suburbs.

The $20,000 vacant shop grants add to existing grant programs available such as;

* Facade Improvement Grants – up to $5000
* Kerbside Dining Encouragement Grants – up to $2000

Apply now.