Business students ready for hands on learning

A group of keen Monash Business School students are ready for hands on training and they want you to host!

The students are part of the Linking to Business Program, a joint initiative with Monash and Frankston City Council.

The Program is offered to students studying their Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at the Monash Peninsula Campus and gives them an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of operations at a local business and enables them to develop important employable skills and aid their transition into a career after graduation.

Monash Universtity Manager of Student Experience Ricky Papara said the program was fantastic for both business hosts and students.

“We have 19 eager students who are keen to showcase their expertise within a local business,” Mr Papara said.

“The students have varied interests with most majoring in either finance and economics, marketing and communications, management practice or accountancy – there is something for everyone!”

“Host organisations have the opportunity to bring onboard a student with the most up to date knowledge on business practices and principals, and students gain authentic work experience while developing additional skills that compliments their learning.”

As a local employer, you will have the chance to share your industry and business knowledge and experience, and most importantly mentor students as they build their working experience — a critical element to their development as employees of the future.

It also provides a unique opportunity for local industry to demonstrate the diverse career options available across the region and the many benefits of this distinctive environment we have here in Frankston City.

Connecting industry with education is critical as new graduates face extensive competition in the employment space and employers seek graduates with tangible skills and real-world experience.

Program participant in 2019, Spicy Web director and founder Tony Sambell (pictured), said the experience provided amazing benefits to both the business and the student.

“We had a student jump into the mix at Spicy Web and see firsthand what we do,” Mr Sambell said.

“We gave them some training on the technical side of digital marketing and even let them take the reins of some client’s accounts.

He said the Frankston digital marketing agency would be signing up again this year.

“I believe the best way for a young person to understand an industry is to experience it first-hand.

“People always bring something, so while a student might have limited technical skills, they come with a new perspective and unique personality. That will always mean we get something positive out of the program.”

Previous Monash Business School student Eduarda Cuadros Márquez, who participated in the program at Spicy Web in 2019, said she learned a lot during her work experience.

“It was an amazing learning opportunity. I learnt things that you only can learn in the field and I enjoyed it because it actually prepared me for full-time positions,” she said.

“I was given responsibility and in-hand experience and the opportunity to work in different areas like account optimisation, ads and articles copywriting, design, certifications and much more.

“I would encourage businesses to be part of the preparation and training of the leaders of the future, you will not regret it. We, at the peninsula campus, are dedicated and eager to learn, you could 100% benefit from this program.”  

Frankston City host businesses, which have five employees or more, can now apply to participate in the three week 2021 program, which has been postponed due to COVID restrictions, to November/December.

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